Richiwi Limited is Wellington-based. Established in 2003, we are a team dedicated to helping New Zealand businesses succeed in the China market alongside our own e-commerce and export. Our main services include:

- E-commerce and export

- China business consultancy

- Mandarin language and Chinese culture training

At Richiwi Limited, we have practical, hands-on experience running online shopping operations, exporting products and providing business consultancy. Our Directors have experience working with both New Zealand public and private sectors and, before migrating to New Zealand, working in China. We have incorporated our strong China market knowledge and business experience into our consultancy service and training curriculum.

Managing Director

Jennifer – has extensive experience and knowledge in international trade, education and immigration sectors. Jennifer has a hands-on role in exporting a wide range of products to the China market and negotiating and obtaining deals for New Zealand companies with agents and distributors in China (including facilitating export and import documentation).

Before coming to New Zealand she worked in a Chinese import and export company for more than 10 years.

In 2008 Jennifer developed resources on China trade protocols and business culture for the New Zealand government’s China Free Trade Agreement Leveraging Project aimed at lifting the capability of New Zealand companies to succeed in the China market.


Kefeng – is of Chinese descent and originates from Fujian, China. He holds degrees from universities in China, the US and New Zealand, and speaks various Chinese languages. He has a broad knowledge of Chinese communities in New Zealand and extensive experience in sectors such as education, social development and foreign relations.

Before joining Richiwi, Kefeng was Director Operations China and Chief Advisor China at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise – New Zealand government’s international business development agency. There, he supported New Zealand businesses developing China connections, enhancing their capability and readiness to do business in China, and was involved in the development of the NZ Inc China Strategy. Prior to joining Richiwi, he was a Senior Manager-Strategic Ethnic Advisor for the New Zealand Police and a social worker/counsellor for the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand. Before migrating to New Zealand, Kefeng worked in Chinese provincial government (Foreign Affairs) and was a university lecturer. 


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