Build Brand Awareness and Recognition in China

Build Brand Awareness and Recognition in China


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What can you do with a potentially 1 billion consumer market? Build your brand awareness and recognition first, simple, full stop.

While China has launched its own “Made in China 2025” campaign, the overseas brands will remain very much welcomed by Chinese consumers for a long time. Chinese consumers are brand conscious and are willing to pay more if they are aware of or have recognized a brand name. Brand loyalty is quite popular for Chinese consumers when it comes to overseas brands. For food(especially baby food), beverage and health products, for example, Chinese consumers generally are willing to buy Western brands due to food safety issues.

To market brands in China, you need also consider giving your brand a good Chinese name and logo, and must be searchable in Chinese search engines.

China’s is the world’s largest market. As a foreign brand, you have potential consumers there waiting. There are many ways to market your brands to the China market.

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