Sell to the Chinese market using China Shopping Centre

Sell to the Chinese market using China Shopping Centre

The online shopping market in China is the largest in the world. However, not many overseas companies have tapped into this channel. Many people might not have realised the level of potential it represents for international manufacturers in particular brand owners.  

China shopping

China Shopping Centre promotes the awareness of many worldwide local brands to Chinese consumers, and may generate export opportunities for international companies who want to enter the China market. Selling online is one of the options that more and more foreign companies are using to promote and sell their products. It removes the complexity and reduces the costs of exporting into China using traditional trade.

If you are a small and medium business and your brands are not represented in China, then selling online presents a very good option. List your products online in China is the first step to raise the awareness of your brands.

Over the years, there has been many very small companies attracted investment from China by promoting their brands online.

In 2018, the ecommerce market in China will grow to over $1 trillion and it will continue to grow fast. 

While Tmall Global is an important site for international manufacturers, many small and medium businesses are seeking a more affordable ecommerce platform to promote their brands

Tmall Global was launched in 2014 by Alibaba for overseas companies to list their products online and facilitate their access to the Chinese market.

Chinese consumers want to shop like locals

More and more Chinese consumers will have disposable income to purchase international products online.

Tmall Global reflects the Chinese consumers’ demand for authentic international brands.

What opportunities does China Shopping Centre present for overseas small and medium sized businesses

Firstly, it is a low cost but effective channel for businesses to promote their brands online to the China market.

Secondly, it is a bilingual site in English and Chinese.

Thirdly, it requires merchants to be brand owners or agents, and it requires direct shipping from overseas. This gives authenticity to the products.

Fourthly, China Shopping Centre website is listed and indexed by major Chinese search engines.

Marketing in China is actually not too difficult

Tap into the China market through online shopping is an effective way to build your brand awareness. Chinese consumers are very brands conscious, especially when it comes to overseas brands. 

How to become a merchant at China Shopping Centre

It is actually quite easy. Just create an account at and apply to become a partner.




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